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Italian Restaurants

Italians Restaurants around the World

Hotels of the World

Hotels of Italy

(6 - 5 - 4 stars)

And 2 star hotels 3 Italy

List Hotels in Europe

Air lines of the world

airlines offices in Italy

Holiday centers

Farm holidays

Spas and health resorts in Italy

Travelel's Agencies

Tour Operators and Tour Guides

Conference Hall

Agencies interpreting in Europe

Taxi Radio taxi and stands Rent a Car without driver

Rental coach

Car Rental with driver

Italian Railways and European railways

Airports of the world

Airports in Italy

La Corona dell'Imperatore

Recipes Sweet and menu of haute cuisine for parties


Hospitals Medical Glossary Medications in Italy


Furniture for hotels

meroni.jpg (25785 byte) Italian Furniture Furniture in Germany

Associazione Italiana Portieri di Notte

Goalkeepers Night Italian Association of Hotels

Magazine technique for computer graphics

La nuova rivista per gli appassionati di grafica computerizzata

Comics and games Role Negozi specializzati di fumettistica e giochi di ruolo

Italian Ministries and Organizations And State Laws

Ferries and Compagnie Maritime Navigation

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Homes high fashion Tovagliato speciale per banchetti o Ristoranti


Outlets Business in Italy

New Gastronomic Dictionary in 20 languages

Search phone worldwide directory

Complex music

ancient car for ceremonies

Photographer Service

international code number for telephones & postal code

Postal Rates

Internazionaal Fairs

Fairs in Italy

Calendar of the Fairs in the world

comcommercial activity

special Discounts for partner companies

Glossary for Meeting & Congress in 6 languages

Hotels staff Associations

Club &Friendship

Offers and job applications

Courses Training

Jobs in France

Theatres in Italy

Listof the Museums

Shipyards Nautical family "CRANCHI"

"Prezzati" Art Gallery

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Sabrina Ingenito

Enzo Santoriello

Golf Clubin Italy

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Swiss Golf Club

Quick Search

The best engines of research

The Earth seen from satellites

Newspapers and magazines Tourist

Job in Tourism

Hotel Tomorrow


Accounting and finance

Glossary for PC

Accounting Financial Glossary

Tax advice

Electronic Speed Control in Italy

Situation of the traffic on the highway in Italyy

The World In Video

Enit Worldwide

Tourism Offices

Foreign tourism of Italym

Dietsand calories calculating menu

immediate translations in different languages

Laws of Hospitality

Workers' Statute

Tourism Contract

Laws and Regulations for Fire Prevention

Read on Public Safety - Police

Law 62 T.U PS

Safety in hotels

Read safety at work

List of specialized firms

Responsibilities of hotels

Article 1785 d.c. ( Detailed description of the law with the custody and responsibility)

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